How to off ramp from Polygon to other CEX?

This is a quick guide on how to off ramp from Polygon

This is just a quick guide on how to off ramp from Polygon network to other CEX such as Binance, Ascendex.

If you have been using Polygon network for defi, you would probably realise at some time or another, that you would need to convert the crypto to fiat and realise some gains. But there’s not much out information about off ramping from Polygon. All we can see is a lot of articles on getting your crypto ASSets into Polygon network.

There will most likely be more ways to off ramp from Polygon as the network matures with more participation from other CEX. For now, there are 2 low cost methods one could explore.

Convert to MATIC

Using quickswap to convert your crypto to matic, and transferring the matic out to Binance or Ascendex.

After that, you can convert matic to whatever crypto on the CEX, depending on the trading pairs available.

Convert to USDC

Alternatively, you can convert your crypto to USDC on quickswap. Then transfer the USDC to Ascendex. There’s a MATIC address for USDC to be deposited in Ascendex.

This way may be better as you are transferring the stablecoin rather than MATIC across to Ascendex, as there’s virtually no risk of price fluctuation in the cryptocurrency.

[Tip: You can convert USDC to USDT on Ascendex, if you want. T(RC)he rest is up 2(0) you to figure.]

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Author: Ci2fi

Average salaried man exploring the ways towards financial independence.

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