Dividends collected in Sep 2020 and ETF portfolio (Q3 2020)

Dividends for September 2020

Collected a total of S$1,017.41 from the following stocks – First Reit, Manulife Reit, Lung kee Bermuda, Fuyu, AIMS Apac Reit, Boustead and Boustead Projects.

This brings the total dividends collected till date to S$7087.49. Compared to last year, my dividends collected in 2020 were down by 11%.

ETF Purchases in September 2020

The US stock market was pretty down in early September. During the month, I bought some more units of VHYD,VWRD, VUSD, IDAP and also some ARKK ETF. ARKK ETF is an interesting ETF to hold for the long term, as the ETF invests in “disruptive” innovations that could change the world. I bought it at a rather high price US$93, and I would be holding it for at least 5 years probably.

Below shows the current allocations for my overseas ETFs

If you are interested to invest in overseas ETFs, you can check out “Investing in ETFs and why Irish-Domiciled ETF is better “.

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